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Leaving New York, never easy

Leaving New York, never easy

By on Jul 30. 2023 in new york | 0 comments

It is almost 9 am, and I am sitting in Shelley’s garden, for the last time, drinking coffee. The weather is cooling down, exactly like 2018 on the day that I was leaving then.

In a way, I will leave home today. It is not only, because I love New York, it is because of my friends, the old and new ones, the walks and talks, we had, and the laughs and the tears. Well, I came here to live a different life for a while, to be a different Arne, who lives in New York, who walks down Flatbush or Fifth Avenue, who sits in a restaurant with a friend in the Village, who eats a slice of Pizza on his way to the next Photoshoot. I will leave him here too, today. He will be waiting for Arne, who loves Hamburg.

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