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A walk across the Manhattan Bridge

A walk across the Manhattan Bridge

By on Jul 13. 2023 in new york | 0 comments

I had been off Yesterday to work on my Projects but on Tuesday I did, what everybody visiting New York should do, walking the Manhattan Bridge. You also should walk the Brooklyn Bridge, of course. And don’t do it on weekends to avoid the Busloads of tourists…

Either way, the Manhattan Bridge is more of a quiet walk, I saw maybe twenty people the whole Time. You will stop a few times to enjoy the view and take photos, so it took me about 45 Minutes to get to the Manhattan side of the East River. There I took a left into Chinatown, where I walked the little streets for a while before I got into a Restaurant to get some lunch. That Place opened in the 70s, and they were only taking cash, which was the first time for me…

I ended my walk at the courthouse, where I sat down in the shadow with a coffee…

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