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A weird and kind of annoying day

A weird and kind of annoying day

By on Jul 11. 2023 in new york | 0 comments

I just spent five minutes thinking about, whether I should write anything about yesterday. And now I do it, because it is too good of a story, not to. And it is a good example of how things can (not) work out when you are caught up in certain expectations and can’t let go of them.

I was working in the garden when two things emerged … I was hungry and I was developing a craving for a specific Coffeerelated drink by Starbucks. Not a big deal, I thought, my part of the fridge is empty, so have to leave the house anyway. The only reason, I had to make a plan, was that there is no Starbucks in my neighborhood (I know, that is weird by itself, because there is only one thing, that you can find more of in New York than Starbucks, and that is grains of sand). No Problem right? I looked it up on maps – there was a Starbucks just one Subway station away, inside a Target, where I could buy Milk for my morning Coffee and Beer for my night cup.

So, I went out into the hot streets, took the Subway, and got out at Flatbush Ave Station. By then, I was even more hungry, so I decided to first have lunch at Applebees. Well, so far I haven’t heard anything good about that chain, but I thought, I see for myself… The guy at the door seated me, gave me a menu, and told me to wait for the waitress. I decided what to eat and waited… after ten minutes I was so hungry that I couldn’t remember my choice anymore and the lady at the next table asked the guy, how long it might be until the waiter arrives… So I packed my things and left, with a new Idea: I would do my shopping at Target and I would get a snack from Starbucks – with my Coffeething…!

Well, when I arrived at the Starbucks booth inside Target, I barely remembered my name, and my stomach was about to make itself heard by everyone standing in line with me. Finally, it was my turn, and I ordered a Caramel Ribbon Crunch and a Sausage Sandwich. The guy at the counter let me know, that they were out of Caramel Ribbon Crunch and that he was sorry. … Not as sorry as I am, I thought to myself, and I left the building. I fainted a little when I got back out on the street and into the hot sun. With my last energy, I dragged myself to the next food cart, took out the last cash I had, and got myself something with chicken, wrapped in something like bread. And you know what? The man in that cart was a fast chef and the food was delicious – I ate it under a Tree on the sidewalk, like a raccoon. After that, I got my strength back and the world was colorful again. But the craving for that coffee beverage was not gone, so asked maps for the next Starbucks and it was only about eight minutes away, by bus. But I am a hero, I took that bus, I got my Caramel Ribbon Crunch super grande bucket tall whatever and there was another bus, that took me back home. It took me 30 minutes, so I had to cool down that thing to make the sugar in it not take over all the flavor.

Yes, I laughed a lot about myself, but I also felt good, because I conquered those two tasks, however ridiculous in hindsight.

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