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Barnes & Noble and Washington Square Park

Barnes & Noble and Washington Square Park

By on Jul 1. 2023 in new york | 2 comments

On any given day, diving into Manhattan is a little adventure. Yes, part of it is the architecture but most of it is the life in it, the people populating the streets and parks, and their openness to even a pale german guy like myself.

First, I went to Barnes & Noble to get a Magazine for a dear friend and then, I walked downtown to Washington Square Park, another one of my favorite Places in New York, where there is always something amazing going on. Today it was Music by two bands and, you guessed it, the People enjoying it and themselves. And finally, the street photographer in me got out and play. I guess, I needed a few days to be calmer and find my concentration to engage with the individual.

I ended the day at a little used books store, where I got myself the New York Trilogy by Paul Auster. Every Time, I am in New York, I think about reading it someday… and now, the first big step to doing that, is done…


  1. Ich, ich hier, ich bin der überglückliche Freund und so so so dankbar ????

  2. Ja, Du bist dieser großartige Mensch 🙂 Ich vermisse Euch alle, aber nicht, weil ich nicht da bin, sondern, weil Ihr nicht hier seid…

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