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Bushwick Block Party

Bushwick Block Party

By on Jun 6. 2015 in new york | 0 comments

Like we see it in Hamburg/Germany, as soon as the artists have raised the value of an area, the rents go high, and the artists move to another area – it is the same here in New York. You can be sad about it, but maybe you shouldn’t …
Today, I went to the Block Party in Bushwick, and I am still impressed by the creativity, not only of the art, they were presenting, but of the making-things-and-buildings-special-beautiful. I consider this human evolution 4.0. Surrounded by the most awesome Summer day, I dig into a so-unlike-manhattan space, to find so much of the people an life, I love so much of the whole City. It is like everything comes together in places like this just to spread out over the rest of New York, and maybe … all over the world.
And, yes, finally I was able to climb a roof, and, look at the picture…

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