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Manhattan Bridge and Top of the Rock

Manhattan Bridge and Top of the Rock

By on Jun 10. 2015 in new york | 0 comments

With the right weather, you get cooked wherever you are – and today after my photosafari on the Manhattan Bridge (yep, no shadows whatsoever), I think I got sun stupid. However, I loved it, almost more than walking across the Brooklyn Bridge – you can celebrate New York AND you see it WITH the Brooklyn Bridge.
So, you walk in the direction of Manhattan, and you get there between Chinatown and and Little Italy – both are worth a visit. Today I chose Chinatown – and at 32 deg. celsius, the dry fish does it’s job, yeah.
By feet, I went Downtown – slow down and enjoy – to the Police Plaza and from there with the Subway to the Rockefeller Center, where the Top of the Rocks was waiting for me – Thank you to the sponsors 😉
Yes, you get special light at the morning, when the sun comes up and at the evening, when she goes to sleep – and I wanted to see the lights of the city coming up …
It ist not as high, as the Empire State Building or the One World Observatory, but you are outside and you feel the wind and you have the smell of the city, and from here you have a great view over the Central Park – AND you see the Empire State Building, so this is New York, as we have it in our minds. It was unlike 2012, when I was standing on the Empire State Building and thinking: Somethings missing here …
For all the Fans of Sleepless in Seatle – you should get on the Empire State Building, walking around and ask every woman: Are you Annie?

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