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My last day in Manhattan

My last day in Manhattan

By on Jun 16. 2015 in new york | 0 comments

For my last day in Manhattan, there was one place, I wanted to find, a particular one from the movie “Manhattan” by Woody Allan – I wrote about it to the post
Manhattan welcome me with fog and rain – Mad at me?
I found the place at the 57th Street east. A dead end street and the river. I knew from the start, that this was the right spot, although things a different of course, the trees were much taller – the film is from 1979 …
Than I got caught by the sun, I thought that I could take the ferry across the East River, a last view of the city, saying goodbye …
So, the subway Downtown – and when I got there, the sun was gone, it was raining like crazy. Ok, no ferry, just a walk with my umbrella, with the hope of a change, but – no!
I had to get back to Queens, for my dinner date with Michela and Cassandra. When the Sub got back up in Queens, the sun was there, as if nothings happened. Grrrr. I guess New York didn’t want to see me on a ferry …

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