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New York everywhere

New York everywhere

By on May 4. 2016 in new york | 0 comments

looks like New YorkIs it just me? Is New York all over every place? Well, not really, of course, that would be awesome, or maybe it wouldn’t be at all – I mean, how special could it be than, right?
So, take a look at my weltgesehen-statistics – is that New York, or what? And where are the twin towers? Yes, they are the two months, I was there, in New York. Can you believe it? I am going crazy, was planning to be back in the big apple from June to July this year, but now I’m into making new plans – maybe thats why I’m becoming a lunatic.
And am I doing now – distract myself? No way – I am watching Manhattan (Woody Allen). Yeah, I know – hopeless.

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