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Summerevenings in New York

Summerevenings in New York

By on Jun 13. 2015 in new york | 0 comments

The other day, Michela told me, that unless the streets melt, it is not a real Summer vor a New Yorker. For me, coming form Hamburg/Germany, it is perfekt hot above 30 deg. Celsius – so – summer.
After an unforgettable afternoon Downtown with Michela (See the photos of her shoot on, we walked to Hudson River. It was warm, nice wind across the river, and we enjoyed the sunset – this is the time, New York Downtown turns over, the brokers become night owls on their way to a bar or club, and couples enjoying themselves, sitting on a bench – and later, when the sun rises, you meet the first Joggers.
At the beginning of my time here, I met a woman, who lives Downtown, and she told me, that a little studio here is about 2.500 Dollar, but she loves the weekend here, when it’s getting quiet …

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