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Between the years

Between the years

By on Dec 27. 2015 in Allgemein | 0 comments

Life MottoA great family-time was that, Mothers and Fathers from two Generations, and their children with big eyes in front of the christmas tree. And here it is, the time between, the silence before the fireworks, dusting of the start blocks.
I am preparing with Walter Mitty – the guy in daydreams, in which he is a hero with great power – unbeatable – until he fells in love, and gets the courage to BE a Hero. He finds his way through the world and big adventures. And everything, what previously only showed in his Dreams, comes to a beautiful daylight. And, even is is only his sense of duty, which drives him – at the end he became the hero, facing the future with a smile.
I love the pictures of this movie, but first of all the poetic thoughts in it. Doesn’t everyone wants to be a hero? During the last months, we experienced that, when the Refugees arrived in Germany, and the people were givving the a warm welcome. Yes, that also might be a sense of duty, but where that comes from … that is place, which makes Zivilisation a great place, a place where we all want to live – thats life how it’s supposed to be.

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