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Friends with all the benefits

Friends with all the benefits

By on Nov 25. 2014 in Allgemein | 0 comments

What do you define as a real friend? Somebody, who is there for you, anytime? Somebody, who listens, who can keep a secret?
Yes, I would say to all of that, but also I add this: Somebody, who asks you every question, also the tough ones, and somebody who kicks you, if necessary.
It was my birthday – yep one with a 0 in it – and it was the party on Friday, whe most of them were here in my favourite Loft in Altona. It was a wonderful evening, with lots of Music, handmade by my friends, classical an rock.
And than this: My friends wre ginving the greatest kick of the time – they have put together for a flight to new york! Now really, how cool is that?
I love my friends! No questions asked, no doubt.
My dream on paper


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