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Manhattanhenge Part One

Manhattanhenge Part One

By on May 30. 2015 in new york | 0 comments

The reason, why I prefer to live at a private place is, that I want to make me feel, like I am actually living at the chosen place. I live a daily life, I buy food and prepare it at home, I have long conversations with my roommate Michela – and today I went with her and her best friend Cassandra to IKEA in Brooklyn, to by new legs for her Dining Table. Well, I refused to take pictures at IKEA, because, it looks the same as in Germany, but the way to this place was quite interesting. It was an unreal world near the water, scrap Metal is traded here, and the smell … well …
After IKEA, Michela and Cassandra went back to Queens, while I went to Manhattan, for the full Manhattanhenge.
The weather seamed to be perfect, but when I go to my Place at the 19th Street, there were a big cloud, where the sun was supposed to go. Yes, I was upset, but I got my energy back for other thing to take photographs of.

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