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My last night in New York

My last night in New York

By on Jun 16. 2015 in new york | 0 comments

A delicious dinner with Michela and Cassandra. The rain is over, the night is warm and smells wet. I am sitting alone in the living room. I found a last peace of Hershey’s Chocolate and a Budweiser in the fridge.

One thing came to my mind today, as I got the things ready for the suitcase. If I wanted to stay longer, I would have to get something like a daily life, something to make a living. Yes, the self-employed inside of me is getting twitchy, business is waiting in Hamburg. Since Yesterday, I had a few of those sad moments, which end up in this thought: Now I know, that you can be deeply sad and grateful at the same time. At first, I didn’t like this thought, but than I realized, that ten Years ago, I only would have been sad. Gratitude has come to my life and now I know that and I think, that feels wonderful …
In these four weeks, I didn’t only visit the city, that I love so much – I also visited friends and spent time with them, and made new ones. Meeting new people, talk to them about random or particular things – this is it, it is what makes us human, like nothing else, on every journey. We feel alive.
New York 2015

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