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Roosevelt Island and the 50s

Roosevelt Island and the 50s

By on Jun 8. 2015 in new york | 0 comments

If you want to be close to Manhattan AND relax, there is not only the Central Park for you in New York. On Roosevelt Island, you can find a comforting bench in the shadow of a tree, and all that with a great view of the East River and Manhattan. A Picnic or a long walk at the riverside? Go for it!
For me, the bench under the tree is not only for the relaxing time – it is for my “get-aware-that-you-are-actually-in-new-york-time” – and I love those moments, when I got all the pictures I want from a certain place and I just sit down and get aware of everything I see, feel, smell and hear. Believe mir – if you do that at place, you really like, this little exercise will make you happy.
And to get on to Roosevelt Island – use Tram – promise?
When I got back to Manhattan, I found the Johnny Rockets – digging into the 50s with classic Burger and Fries – don’t get me started …

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