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Sharing Freedom in 2016

Sharing Freedom in 2016

By on Jan 15. 2016 in thoughts | 0 comments

You probably don’t have to tell a globetrotter anything about freedom – you can feel freedom, when you travel.
In the last year, I had to think a lot about freedom, for example every time, I walked through New York – on my own schedule, and when I was sitting on a bench or lay down in Bryant Park, surrounded by the sounds of city life.
And than, back in Germany, the refugees came, searching for freedom, the freedom of peace and possibilities. They made me think about America, that this country was built upon that reach.
I was moved, every time I heard about the Germans, which welcome the refugees with their warm heart, with the joy, which is in everyone of us, when we are able to share something precious with others. Every time, our life is based on that, we get more and more in return, more ways are opening up, more freedom.


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