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The World in a box

The World in a box

By on Apr 3. 2015 in new york, thoughts | 0 comments

Schatzkiste der WeltWell, it is supposed to be …
In this box, I got from IKEA, you find memories from Hong Kong and New York, such as Maps and Tickets, Newspapers and receipts and packages.
So this box is like a treasure chest for me. I have to admit, that I usually don’t open it very often, because immediately wanderlust comes up.
But now, as New York is waiting for me, it is easy for me, to comb through it with joy. But I found the Ticket to “Death of a Salesman”, which I saw on Broadway in 2012. The main character was performed by Philip Seymour Hoffman. I will never forget this one of a kind experience …

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