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Rooftop Farm in Brooklyn

Posted by on July 10. 2023 in new york | 0 comments

At the East River, right next to the Industry City, where I was the other day, you can find a Rooftop Farm, one of many in New York, where Shelley and I were Yesterday. Other than participating in a self-defense workshop, I used the time up there to relax, after a very busy Saturday planning upcoming Projects in Little Caribbean.

Shelley bought a whole box of produce on that farm and our day ended with a delicious dinner party, peaked by Music making and dancing. I now don’t know, if my body can stand any activities today…

Laundry and Grand Central Terminal

Posted by on July 8. 2023 in new york | 0 comments

After almost two weeks, yesterday was my first Laundry Day. That took only a little more than an hour, so around 2 pm, I went to Grand Central Terminal, where I let the surprisingly calm atmosphere sink in, before I went outside and did Street Photography for a few hours. At this place, the pace is different than for example at Washington Square Park, where the people got to relax and enjoy. Here, most of them are in a hurry, there are just passing by to get someplace else. Photography has to adapt to that before it can take advantage of it.

I closed the day with dinner from Peppa’s Jerk Chicken (back in Flatbush) …

Chelsea and High Line Park

Posted by on July 7. 2023 in new york | 0 comments

Yesterday, I continued the nostalgic tour in Chelsea, where I visited the Market, which got expanded and then the High Line Park, which got expanded too, since I was here the last time. New Buildings were there and Vendors and a lot more people, than I remember. It was a hot day (today it will be too) and I walked in the shadow, as often, as I could.

In the evening, back in Flatbush, I saw smoke in front of a Restaurant – but there was no fire, it was just the chef BBQing the next batch of his Signature Product.

Williamsburg – old friend

Posted by on July 6. 2023 in new york | 0 comments

Yesterday, I went to an old friend, Williamsburg, where I stayed for one Week in 2012 with the dearest Berlin friends, anyone could ask for.

There was a bus from the place, where I live now, directly to Marcy Ave, where we always got off the train to go home to our blueish house, from where we had the most amazing view of the Williamsburg bridge. And Marcy Ave is amazing in itself because the street is small enough to basically live underneath the subway. It provides a special atmosphere, cozy almost, even when a train arrives or leaves, and fills the space with a one of its kind rumble.

4th of July in Dumbo

Posted by on July 5. 2023 in new york | 0 comments

Let’s begin with this: I wasn’t at the right place for the fireworks, but I was at the right place.

At 5 pm, I arrived at Dumbo, right between Brooklyn Bridge and Manhattan Bridge on the Brooklyn side – from there, you have a great view of Manhattan. I started with a few hours of Street Photography and I enjoyed the wonderful weather and the wind that cooled me down a little.

Starting at 6 pm, the crowd began to grow, and at 9:25 pm, when the fireworks started, we were a few thousand, a peaceful and friendly group of people, with their eyes set on the other side of the east river. Well, we saw a little bit behind the buildings… but that was it. I don’t care, because the evening was perfect. No regrets.

Governors Island and Rain in Manhattan

Posted by on July 3. 2023 in new york | 0 comments

The last two days were a little packed, with work for a german client and, on Saturday, with Governors Island, where Shelley and I went two her CaribBeing Container. It is the end of the Caribbean American Heritage Month and they had the appropriate Music and food for the visitors. Shelley held a speech and I enjoyed the shadow under the trees.

Sunday, I did some more work, and then I went to Bryant Park, just to be surprised by the rain… so no photos.

So, now, let’s get to the question in my head… tomorrow is the 4th of July. So, where should I be to experience it? Any suggestions?

Barnes & Noble and Washington Square Park

Posted by on July 1. 2023 in new york | 2 comments

On any given day, diving into Manhattan is a little adventure. Yes, part of it is the architecture but most of it is the life in it, the people populating the streets and parks, and their openness to even a pale german guy like myself.

First, I went to Barnes & Noble to get a Magazine for a dear friend and then, I walked downtown to Washington Square Park, another one of my favorite Places in New York, where there is always something amazing going on. Today it was Music by two bands and, you guessed it, the People enjoying it and themselves. And finally, the street photographer in me got out and play. I guess, I needed a few days to be calmer and find my concentration to engage with the individual.

I ended the day at a little used books store, where I got myself the New York Trilogy by Paul Auster. Every Time, I am in New York, I think about reading it someday… and now, the first big step to doing that, is done…

B&H and Union Square

Posted by on June 30. 2023 in new york | 0 comments

This City is vibrant, not only in color but also in the People communicating, whether it’s in a store or at a traffic light, singing together on Union Square, or sitting opposite each other at a chess board. It is almost like, everybody goes outside to live. I imagine them going home in the evening, exhausted just like me, and happy.

Today, I went to B&H, as every Photographer visiting New York should. These days, it is getting harder to find a store with a wide stock of things I might be interested in. But especially in my profession, you want to examine the things you might need, instead of just looking at them on a website.

Katz’s Delicatessen and East River

Posted by on June 29. 2023 in new york | 0 comments

Yesterday started early with some work and writing my blog in the garden. Hungry like a wolf, I went to Manhattan, to Katz’s Delicatessen, a Landmark in itself and for its delicious food. I haven’t been there since 2015, but it looks and tastes the same. I added coleslaw to the famous Pastrami Sandwich, and this time, I made them wrap up one half, because I knew, that one half would be enough for lunch. I tell you, it is so yummy, ….

Not too full, I made my way to the East River, a really nice time because of two things: First, it is a great pleasure for me to just pick a street and walk it without knowing, what I will find, without agenda, other than ending up somewhere – I just enjoy myself and the city and people around me. Second: My german friends and family were with me on my way, we were texting the whole time…

Something different caught my eye on the way. Due to Covid, they did the same thing, we could see in Hamburg. The restaurants set up booths on the street to restart their business. And there are much more bike lanes than in 2018. Good Job, New York 🙂

(29th of June, at 10:12 am)

Brooklyn Promenade and Industry City

Posted by on June 28. 2023 in new york | 0 comments

It is Wednesday morning 9:24 am and I am sitting in the garden with my coffee. It rained last night, and air is fresh and filled with the smell of wood and leaves, flowers and herbs.

Yesterday, I woke up late and I went to the Brooklyn Promenade, one of my favorite places in New York, where you can let the city sink into your mind while sitting relaxed on a park bench, having coffee and a chocolate chip cookie…

After that, I got to Industry City at sunset park, where you can find local crafts and businesses, restaurants and artists, spread out over several buildings. It reminded me of the Stilwerk in Hamburg, just much more colorful, interesting and much bigger!

In the evening, we went to Chavela’s, a Mexican Restaurant and Bar in Brooklyn – amazing vibe and Tacos …