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Finds of a creative consumption world

Posted by on June 15. 2015 in new york | 0 comments

Todays topic was purely build by the area, I walked – SOHO.
In some of the pictures, you have to guess, what is sold …

Brooklyn Bridge and Williamsburg

Posted by on June 14. 2015 in new york | 0 comments

I only did a few thing like in 2012 – like today, I took a walk across the Brooklyn Bridge, but this time from Manhattan to Brooklyn. Another thing which you should do, if you really wanna be in New York – if you want to feel it. The Brooklyn Bridge is a miracle to walk on.
In Brooklyn, I took the subway to Williamsburg, where I met Michela and some of her friends. We enjoyed the colorful life on the Bedford Avenue, the centre of Williamsburg, with (today) live music and street sell. When the weather is good and on the weekends, you can’t be wrong here. Small shops, Restaurants, Bars and Cafés, they will make your day.

Summerevenings in New York

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The other day, Michela told me, that unless the streets melt, it is not a real Summer vor a New Yorker. For me, coming form Hamburg/Germany, it is perfekt hot above 30 deg. Celsius – so – summer.
After an unforgettable afternoon Downtown with Michela (See the photos of her shoot on, we walked to Hudson River. It was warm, nice wind across the river, and we enjoyed the sunset – this is the time, New York Downtown turns over, the brokers become night owls on their way to a bar or club, and couples enjoying themselves, sitting on a bench – and later, when the sun rises, you meet the first Joggers.
At the beginning of my time here, I met a woman, who lives Downtown, and she told me, that a little studio here is about 2.500 Dollar, but she loves the weekend here, when it’s getting quiet …

Bryant Park and a roof

Posted by on June 12. 2015 in new york | 0 comments

In the middle of Manhattan, between Times Square and the Grand Central Terminal, you find a “little” green peaceful spot, the Bryant Park, and it is behind the New York Public Library, which you shouldn’t miss either.
In fact, this is the right way for a first NYC Visit: You take the Subway to Times Square 42nd Street and walk east, pass the Bryant Park to the Grand Central Terminal, the Cathedral of public transportation. Be amazed by the Grand Concourse. By a little lunch to go and return to the Bryant Park for a picnic. Just be there, look around, be aware of where you are.
At 7:30 PM, walk the 5th Avenue Downtown to the Number 230, enter and take the elevator to the 20th floor, the most famous rooftop bar. Get a beer for 9 Dollar, enter the smoking area, rare in New York – enjoy the view …

Meatpacking District

Posted by on June 11. 2015 in new york | 0 comments

Today, the Summer reached its Peak – Heat and humidity were making by body scream at every move. The other thing of course might be, that I am on my feet now for three weeks, a lot of miles for a couch potato.
So, it amazed me, to see a crowd of New Yorkers working out in the public – uff.
I walked slowly through the Meatpacking District, cooled myself down at the Chelsea Market, worth a visit. A little advice here: The higher the temperature outside the more likely you should have something like a jacket or sweatshirt with you, so that you don’t freeze, when you get inside somewhere – some stores like to cool themselves to a fridge.

Manhattan Bridge and Top of the Rock

Posted by on June 10. 2015 in new york | 0 comments

With the right weather, you get cooked wherever you are – and today after my photosafari on the Manhattan Bridge (yep, no shadows whatsoever), I think I got sun stupid. However, I loved it, almost more than walking across the Brooklyn Bridge – you can celebrate New York AND you see it WITH the Brooklyn Bridge.
So, you walk in the direction of Manhattan, and you get there between Chinatown and and Little Italy – both are worth a visit. Today I chose Chinatown – and at 32 deg. celsius, the dry fish does it’s job, yeah.
By feet, I went Downtown – slow down and enjoy – to the Police Plaza and from there with the Subway to the Rockefeller Center, where the Top of the Rocks was waiting for me – Thank you to the sponsors 😉
Yes, you get special light at the morning, when the sun comes up and at the evening, when she goes to sleep – and I wanted to see the lights of the city coming up …
It ist not as high, as the Empire State Building or the One World Observatory, but you are outside and you feel the wind and you have the smell of the city, and from here you have a great view over the Central Park – AND you see the Empire State Building, so this is New York, as we have it in our minds. It was unlike 2012, when I was standing on the Empire State Building and thinking: Somethings missing here …
For all the Fans of Sleepless in Seatle – you should get on the Empire State Building, walking around and ask every woman: Are you Annie?

Back in time and the night of the museums

Posted by on June 9. 2015 in new york | 0 comments

In New York, you find something called Museum Mile – on the 5th Avenue, with the Guggenheim an the Metropolitan Museum of Art for example. Like every year, today was the Night of the Museums, the 5th Avenue between 82nd and 105th Street was for us the visitors, the people on their way to art and Music and fun, about 50.000 …
Before that, I went to another time, for me the time of “When Harry met Sally”, so my time of being a teenager and in Love. I was at Katz’s Delicatessen – which I mentioned here. I had the famous Pastrami Sandwich – wow! I was full after the first half, and when my plate was empty, I was barely able to walk. But it was sooooo gooood!

Roosevelt Island and the 50s

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If you want to be close to Manhattan AND relax, there is not only the Central Park for you in New York. On Roosevelt Island, you can find a comforting bench in the shadow of a tree, and all that with a great view of the East River and Manhattan. A Picnic or a long walk at the riverside? Go for it!
For me, the bench under the tree is not only for the relaxing time – it is for my “get-aware-that-you-are-actually-in-new-york-time” – and I love those moments, when I got all the pictures I want from a certain place and I just sit down and get aware of everything I see, feel, smell and hear. Believe mir – if you do that at place, you really like, this little exercise will make you happy.
And to get on to Roosevelt Island – use Tram – promise?
When I got back to Manhattan, I found the Johnny Rockets – digging into the 50s with classic Burger and Fries – don’t get me started …

Coney Island and a Movie

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I missed it in 2012, and not for a bad reason. The Beach of Coney Island is really nice – the sea, the waves and sand, like home. And in my back the Luna Park – I can hear it, so this is everything together for a rest off the daily life?
I got rid of my shoes and socks and stepped into the atlantic sea, and I listened. Yes, I grew up at the north sea, and I like to think, that people like us like to get in touch with this planet like this.
The evening was mine, in Brooklyn, at the Habana Outpost, with a Burrito, and the sun went down, and the movie came up on the wall: Breakfast at Tiffany’s. New York at it’s best.

Bushwick Block Party

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Like we see it in Hamburg/Germany, as soon as the artists have raised the value of an area, the rents go high, and the artists move to another area – it is the same here in New York. You can be sad about it, but maybe you shouldn’t …
Today, I went to the Block Party in Bushwick, and I am still impressed by the creativity, not only of the art, they were presenting, but of the making-things-and-buildings-special-beautiful. I consider this human evolution 4.0. Surrounded by the most awesome Summer day, I dig into a so-unlike-manhattan space, to find so much of the people an life, I love so much of the whole City. It is like everything comes together in places like this just to spread out over the rest of New York, and maybe … all over the world.
And, yes, finally I was able to climb a roof, and, look at the picture…