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Central Park and the night

Posted by on June 5. 2015 in new york | 0 comments

The fix point of my day was, again, Romeo and Juliet in the Central Park. I started my way at the north side of the Park, where the gentrification is just starting. It’s where Harlem begins, it is living at the Central Park, with no luxury. However, it was nice to take a walk there and I admire the great weather after the rain of the past days.
After the theater, I walk through the night, which is almost quiet here, compared to the Times Square, where the big life is, even at 2 am.

The Barefoot Shakespeare Company

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Today, I went to the Central Park to photograph the barefoot shakespeare company, their premier play of Romeo and Juliet – at the Summit Rock, right beside the 82nd Street.
On my way, I discovered the streets of the west side – and right at the broadway, somebody was selling used books, and I thought, that this is it, what I like the most about New York, the different kinds of creativity in making business, stacks of old books and records in front of a bank, or a hot dog man in the financial district, fighting with his smoking char.

And Romeo and Juliet? What can I say: It was amazing beautiful, funny and sad, entertaining and thoughtful – a one of a kind journey for about 50 people. Tomorrow, I will be here again.

The One World Observatory

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So, today I got up there, to the highest spot of NYC, the One World Observatory, on the 102nd floor – after the airport like screening, of corse. 60 sec. the elevator took … what a ride – the whole elevator is a screen, on which you see the City growing, from nature to today.

On Time-Lapse Rocket Ride to Trade Center’s Top, Glimpse of Do…

From New York Today: Step inside the elevators at 1 World Trade Center and witness 515 years of history unfolding at the tip of Manhattan:

Posted by The New York Times on Dienstag, 21. April 2015

Yes, the view up there is really impressive, supported by relaxing music. At two points, there is an employee, explaining ways to enjoy New York, very personal, with the sense and knowledge of a native.

A day off in New York

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The rain from yesterday decided to stay, so I decided to take a day off. After working on a few Photos from the Steinway & Sons shoot, I took my umbrella and went on a walk through Astoria, and I only took a few pictures with my iPhone.
Now, at the end of this day, I feel a little off track – did I just waste these hours? Maybe, it’s this, what the people are talking about, when they claim to go to New York for Success? When you walk through Manhattan, the moving energy sucks you in, the busy people can make you run along. And after a while, you realize, that you have to make the decision to actually sit on that bench and to nothing, for ten minutes.

Photographing at Steinway & Sons and rain

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This was one of these days, I will never forget. At 9:30 AM, Logan Thomson welcome me at the workshop of dreams, the dreams of every Piano player of this world. And then, I was able to dig into a one of a kind world, where wonderful people are building something so special, that everyone is grateful in every cell … like me at the end of this, when I was allowed to play on the biggest Piano.

Some of the photos of this day at Steinway & Sons–>

After that, I dig into the rain:

East Harlem at the water and with rain

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In the old days, no New Yorker would live at the waterside. There, it was loud and smelly – everybody wanted to live inside Manhattan, where the business and the live was, like still today.
Than the container was invented, and the waterside trading moved to New Jersey, and now more and more people would like to see the water, from where they live. But this is not easy to achieve, because something else was built in this area – the highway. I went to one of the areas:

Manhattanhenge Part One

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The reason, why I prefer to live at a private place is, that I want to make me feel, like I am actually living at the chosen place. I live a daily life, I buy food and prepare it at home, I have long conversations with my roommate Michela – and today I went with her and her best friend Cassandra to IKEA in Brooklyn, to by new legs for her Dining Table. Well, I refused to take pictures at IKEA, because, it looks the same as in Germany, but the way to this place was quite interesting. It was an unreal world near the water, scrap Metal is traded here, and the smell … well …
After IKEA, Michela and Cassandra went back to Queens, while I went to Manhattan, for the full Manhattanhenge.
The weather seamed to be perfect, but when I go to my Place at the 19th Street, there were a big cloud, where the sun was supposed to go. Yes, I was upset, but I got my energy back for other thing to take photographs of.

Manhattanhenge Part one half

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It doesn’t sound by accident like Stonehenge. Two times a year, the sunset aligns with the grid of Manhattan, so you can see her all the was through the cross streets. In this year, it is the 30th of may and the 12th of July.
Today, we should have seen the half of the sun between the buildings of every cross street, like the 19th, where I was waiting, well, not alone. I chose this street because of the new surface, which reflects the light very good.

West side – and the marks of a movie

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[codepeople-post-map]When I left the house this morning, it was about 24 Celsius, that’s OK. But, when you get down to a subway station, it might increase to 40, so I was happy to be distracted by a little Concert.
I went to West 72nd Street. From there, you can pretty much walk the Movie “You’ve got Mail”. The Starbuck, the Café Lalo, where Joe Fox couldn’t tell the truth, and the Gray’s Papaya, where the Hot Dogs are really great, and of course the Papaya Juice.
On two of the photos, you see a little book store, where something weird happened. While I was looking through the book offer, a young Woman came, sat down on the ground, and began to pull one book after another out of the shelf. I have to admit: I considered her mentally ill… After a while, I asked her, if she was going to buy all these books. And she answered: Of course not, I only want to see the books in second row. Therefore, I have to get the other books out of the shelf and …
Well, I recognized, that she was doing something pretty normal, but the way, she explained it to me, and the time, she took for that, was still weird.

… dary … legendary!

Point of view – New York 1

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This is now my first Point of View in New York, after so many in Hamburg. It is in Manhattan, but where?